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Organic all natural "soap nuts"

Soap nuts are a natural, biodegradable and petroleum-free laundry soap alternative. They grow on trees in Nepal and India, but they're not nuts; they're actually a fruit. You might also see them sold as soapberries. The tree itself is from the genus Sapindus. 

How to use soap nuts:

Add four or five of them, in a small cloth bag, to a load of dirty laundry. You can reuse that pouch of soap nuts for a few loads.

Organic Soapnuts (Soapberries)

We use them as everyday SOAP - They are not just for laundry, We make a liquid solution (8 nuts in 3 cups water and low boil - aprox. 1 hour) - We bathe, wash our hair, do dishes wash our hands and even wash our pets with it- We would be lost without this Epic solution for even the most sensitive skin!